Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Runner's World 2013 Marathon Guide


Tonight I didn't get on my bike trainer as planned......


I did swim this morning.

I completed 5 projects on Shutterfly, ordered them and saved more money than I spent through promotions.

Wrote my Christmas letter.

And I will make up the missed training session some time this week.


Did anyone read Runner's World?  Marathon Guide 2013.......... Eight marathons are mentioned and Vermont City Marathon is one of them.  A Fast Race Your Family Will Love!  I have been saying this for quite some time!

The pictures they chose don't even begin to do it justice so I'll add a few of my own from a variety of years. Full disclosure - all the pictures of me are of me doing the relay or half marathon. I have run this marathon twice but couldn't find any pictures.  

Could they possibly be having more fun?

Half way through Jameson and I switch places and I am running with Emily.

You get to run by Lake Champlain.  (warning - there is a 
hill right after this spot!)

Jameson's first marathon - part of it run with me!

Jameson took this picture from the roof of his apartment
I am in pink and black.  

Plenty of water for all.

She is at the END and still having a blast!

Marine Corps Marathon was also mentioned in the Runner's World Article.

As was the Adirondack Marathon (half) at Schroon Lake.

Almost makes me want to do a marathon again......but nope.  Triathlons have my heart now!  


Char said...

Still fighting the boredom factor of the bike trainer? If only there was an easy solution - I'd spend so much more time on my exercise bike than the twice a year that happens at the moment.

Kate Geisen said...

I'd love to come do your marathon. If I win the lottery, you'd better get your guest room ready! ;-) Of course, that would mean actually following a training program again...but I'm turning over a new leaf. Really. :)

I was thinking today that I need to put my road bike on the trainer and actually put in some miles. Didn't get any past the thinking process.

Jill said...

I got on my trainer yesterday with hopes of making it an hour...made it 23 minutes and wanted to slit my wrists so I popped off. Tomorrow is suppose to be 50 degrees so I think I can get on my real bike outside :).

Ah...I need to get to Vermont one day to race a marathon. What time of the year are those and are they fast? I need all the help I can get :). It's so expensive to fly from Denver anywhere East...but hopefully one of these days.

Michael said...

I totally think you should consider the Vermont race again this year :)

You are doing way more tri training than me....I'm doing pretty much none.

christa said...

I only did the relay and I loved it!!! Burlington is one of my favorite places to run.

Anonymous said...

Stationary cycling and stationary running - can't do it; won't do it.

Alisa said...

You'll get on the trainer eventually =)...good to hear you're still swimming!

I've spectated the Eugene marathon 4 times, it's a super spectator friendly race and clearly a great one for the runners as well.

Kandi said...

Did you also see that Vermont was named the healthiest state?http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/11/healthiest-state-rankings-2012_n_2272927.html

Ransick said...

Looks like everyone is having a blast in the race! Might be a good blogger meet up race to consider......