Monday, October 22, 2012

Making Strides for Breast Cancer

Sunday I did a very special walk, Making Strides for Breast Cancer.  My friend, former colleague and fellow racer, Christa, was instrumental in organizing this race at this location. I hadn't realized it was the first time the race was in Rutland until that day.  It was also taking place in Chittenden County at the same time.  Christa was the biggest individual fund raiser and her team, Tutus for Tatas was the second biggest fund raising team.

Christa, on the left, looking back.

 Christa is a 7 year breast cancer survivor who is living with cancer every day.  I never hear her complain.  She has a great attitude and lives life fully.  So many people find excuses to not exercise but not Christa. She is out there running and racing and challenging herself.  Christa is  a hero of mine and I was thrilled to do this walk in her honor.

There were other former colleagues there walking for Christa too. In fact of the walkers there from our school I am the only one who is still there. Some have moved on to other jobs and some have retired.  And man is that looking better lately!

Anne, on the right, another former colleague, is
an 11 year survivor.

The day was rainy and a little cool but that didn't seem to dampen spirits.  Before we started all of the survivors were called up to the front and as you would expect it was an emotional moment.  

Christa, in the front, on the right.

We walked around the mall where we were located and then on a trail through the woods.  I was very glad I was part of this day and a member of Tutus for Tatas!

I saw on Darlene's blog that she wore pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  I didn't realize it was happening. Did anyone else do something for breast cancer over the weekend?


Kell said...

I loved the tutus!
(They were my brilliant idea :) )
It was nice to see you!

Char said...

When I was listening to the news yesterday there was an item on how beneficial exercise is for breast cancer sufferers. It increases survivability considerably. So your friend Christa is doing the best thing ever for herself as well as for other sufferers in raising so much money. She's a great role model.

christa said...

Thank you so much for participating!!

Amy said...

This is very inspiring!

Fran said...

What a great cause to walk for. I have a colleague with breast cancer, she's in the middle of treatment right now.

October is pink ribbon month in Holland too and there is a charity run/walk for it but I never participated.

I do always donate money to the cancer foundation here because I lost my Dad to this disease.

Liz said...

Looks like a great event, and you all look lovely in your tutus!

Darlene said...

love the outfit - great cause. My work had a team too but I was away.

Jill said...

What an amazing cause, so cool you did this. LOVE your pink outfit! :)

Johann said...

I love all of this! Great to use our sports to give something back.

Cinthia said...

Christa IS great, and I love the tutus. What I also love, beyond the wonderful concept of the walk and the great benefits, is how vivid the pink is in your pictures. It's almost surreal, and it really emphasizes the cause.