Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Pictures from my run on Sunday along my usual route

1.  Knocking on wood as I write this.........this is the first fall I have not been injured in three years. Two years ago I took up biking because I couldn't run.  Last year I took up swimming as I was once again told not to run.  Those actually turned out to be good things as I have become this very new triathlete nut who is loving her new athletic life.  But........nonetheless I am thrilled - I repeat - THRILLED - not to be injured this fall.  I wonder how much the cross training I am doing now has contributed to this non injured status.  I am certainly still running but I used to run 5 or 6 days a week and now I am running 4. Whatever the reason is a beautiful thing to not be injured.

flowers at home

2. It is very hard right now to fit in the training I am doing. Work is overwhelming. I don't know why it is so much worse than usual but it is.  I leave every day feeling like I should have gotten so much more done.  While at work I don't have a minute. I eat lunch as I continue working.  My friend, C and I both took great bike rides last weekend and have never had a second to chat about it.  I have to believe the frenzied pace at work is anything but healthy.  As I posted recently........even though it is hard to fit in..... the working out is keeping me sane.
Yes, I still love my cats.  Took Rocco on the right
to an emergency vet visit Sunday.  He has perked up
and seems to be feeling better.  

3. I LOVE fall.  There are so many things I love about it.  I could even accept year round school if it gave me some time off in the fall. I love the colors of the foliage. I love the cooler temperatures. I love all the races although I don't love that triathlon season is over around here.  I love pumpkin and all the wonderful pumpkin flavored things.......especially coffee!  I love traveling to Maine when it isn't so crowded.  (I don't know if I'll do this but here's hoping.)
Still so so colors. This weekend is supposed to be peak...
and raining. :( 

And these pics had nothing to do with the post. Oh well.


Darlene said...

Love pumpkin everything. But prefer the warm weather.

Kate Geisen said...

Boo for sick kitties and rainy forecasts and STRESS. my work is going ok, but I've been feeling just bleh lately. Glad your workouts are pulling you through. :)

Jill said...

Rocco looks exactly like my cat, Patrick! :)

You know how much I love your fall pictures. I say it every year but one day I WILL make it to Vermont in the fall to see the leaves. I'll make sure I come and visit you when you're at your max stress level with work; nothing like a house guest when you're so overwhelmed you can't breathe! :) I look forward to more as the leaves change...seems like they have a long ways to go, but once they start it happens quickly I guess.

Couple more days and the weekend is here - sounds like you NEED a nice rest!

Char said...

You got your Fall injury done early this year.

Love your flowers. Are they marigolds? I've never seen them so beautiful before. And I noticed your flowers and cats have a Fall colour scheme going.

As for pumpkin - I'm making pumpkin cupcakes as I write this. And it's Spring over here. I'm such a rebel.

Giorgio said...

Great to hear you're in good shape :) all we blogger friends know your fall pictures: they are beautiful, as always. I look forward to watch other ones!

This week I had pumpkin soup twice.

Amy said...

Loved the pictures and I do think they had something to do with your post...appreciating the good things in life even though times are hectic. You remind me that things can get better even when it seems like physically I'm at a standstill - thanks for that, I needed to hear it!
Fall is my absolute season too - so enjoy yours as much as you can, despite all the work challenges!

Fran said...

You got me confused: TTT on Wednesday?

I love fall too, it's my favorite season too, rain and wind included. I love Fall colors.

And thumbs up for not being injured this fall, enjoy every minute of it.

Kandi said...

I love the fall too. We've been blessed with fall weather this month but our trees have only begun to change so everything is still mostly green. Pumpkin is one of my favorites!

Johann said...

It is awesome that you are not injured and so great that the whole tri thing is in place for you now. I'm sure it's helping you not to be injured. Fall is beautiful.

Ransick said...

Awesome you are going into fall not being injured! Spading your workouts across three sports probably helps.

I love fall too. Our leaves aren't as pretty as they get out east, so hopefully you'll get some good pics.

Hope work gets back to normal soon. Work stress is no fun.

HappyTrails said...

The Fall photos are lovely, as we would expect since you live in Fall Capital, USA!!! We are loving the fact that you have fallen in love with triathlon - it's fun to share with you on your enthusiastic new fitness journey! We love your kitties and are happy that Rocco is on the mend. Hopefully the rain this coming weekend won't totally ruin the beautiful fall colors so you can post more great photos. Have you signed up for a fun winter tri in a warm climate yet???

Karen said...

I am the same way about pumpkin! I guess because it isn't out there all year it seems more special. Cheers to no injuries!

Liz said...

The scenery around you always looks beautiful in the autumn - no wonder you love it.

Black Knight said...

I hope that Rocco feels better soon.
The cross training helps to prevent injures, you did the right thing.
Fall is a beautiful season here too.

Lindsay said...

i don't think i have a favorite season. i love summer - even the heat, but i also love the cooler weather of fall and the beauty of the leaves changing, the (possibility of) snow in the winter and christmas, all the new life in nature in the spring...

hooray for no injuries and let's keep it that way this fall. funny how timid you were about tri-ing at the beginning of the year, but now you are all-in! :)