Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. There was an article in our county paper about the Lake Dunmore Triathlon and guess who was mentioned in the article?  That would be me!  It named local athletes who did well and I was in there. Woot!  Woot! Go me!
Our chocolate milk stop, not a hard place to rest.

2. Monday I went for a bike ride with my friend, Cathy. It could not have been a more gorgeous day in Vermont.  We went 32 miles and I have to say I was exhausted when I was done. (It was the day after my triathlon and I did run in the morning too.  Got to take advantage of those non work days.) But I love riding with Cathy, I pick up my pace when I do even though we weren't hurrying.  We went on one of her favorite routes which I need to make one of my regular  routes.  I know my husband would like this route and I need to remember the way and take him on it.  I sped up a couple of times, the first was for a warning of a scary dog.  Turned out the dog must have been inside his house.  Then I also sped up when I saw my first live reptile of the season and screamed like the girl I am.  Yuck!

I told Cathy I got passed the day before on the steep parts of the hill when people stood up. So she had me practice standing up going up hills.  It really tired me out.  I do need to get comfortable with it, seems like it could be a goal for next year.

The best part of the ride was our stop for chocolate milk!  Local dairy, super good!

3. I have been exhausted each school day after work.  EXHAUSTED.  It is not a physical job to teach school but it is a mentally exhausting one to be "on" all the time.  You pretty much need to be prepared for anything to happen.  You need to know where 25 kids are at all times and what they are doing or not doing.  You don't want to let that one mischievous kid (who am I kidding when I say one) go too far and drag half the class along with him or her into chaos.

My point is I have felt not even a little bit like exercising when I'm leaving work.  Not one bit.  I so prefer getting it done in the morning.  But yesterday I went to the gym - first time in months - and have to say it was a decent workout.  Today I could not face the gym again but went on a bike ride - a short easy one but it was wonderful.  Wonderful!

I went swimming in the morning yesterday and for some reason (morning?) that is easy to do.  It is nice to just swim and not race.  I can so easily swim 600 yards, continuous freestyle in the pool.  Someday that will happen in a lake.  The ocean.......never.

Plans for a delightful ride this weekend and I think Mr. AJH is going to join us!

Do you have exciting weekend plans?  Does the return of a new school year make anyone else exhausted?  My life has always revolved around the school year more than the calendar year.


Darlene said...

Yes I remember too well how hard teaching is. Hope you race in Halfmoon.

Kate Geisen said...

Hurray you!! Awesome that you wre mentioned in the paper. :)

School is wearing me down, too. Well, school plus once again getting up early to run. I've got a really good group (so far), though, which makes life much more fun.

Your bike ride looks GORGEOUS. I'm jealous. I need to get back on my bike!

My weekend...supposed to run 9 mi on Saturday, then J's soccer game, then drive 2.5 hrs to meet a friend for lunch. Sunday I'm volunteering at a local cyclocross race...and I'm supposed to bring my bike so I can ride the course, but that's not going to be in front of anyone else!

christa said...

I need to check out the addy indy

HappyTrails said...

Woo-hoo for us because we get to hob-knob with a CELEBRITY!!! :-) Every weekend is a good weekend but, of course, getting the opportunity to see new scenery and trails is a bonus!!!

Jill said...

Look at you, celebrity central right here in blogland :). I bet it was fun to read about yourself!!

It's so hard to readjust your lazier summer routine when school starts. I feel like I need to explode most days. You'll adjust again soon and life will be easier. Great job getting the afternoon workouts in!!

Char said...

You know you've made it when your name's in the paper - that's cool!

My plans for the weekend include a long run, a lot so long run, decorating two dozen cupcakes for a birthday, baking more for a running friend and extras for at home, a nap and some reading. There will probably be some housework in there as well but the less said about that the better.

Amy said...

Very cool you got mentioned in the paper!
Yes, we find the beginning of the school year very exhausting, but in a good way. The first week seemed really long to my boys. But they will soon get in the swing of things and then it will seem normal again.
Kudos to you, though, for being such a great teacher - it really is a tough job in many ways, and so important to do it well.

Black Knight said...

Now you are more famous again, congrats.
Wonderful header, I like that photo very much.
My wife returned at school last saturday but only to plan the year, the pupils will begin on monday.

Cinthia said...

Love the header pic--awesome!
School started up here a few weeks ago.
Weekend plans? Running and biking. (You've motivated me to maybe, maybe race a tri next summer. Shame on you!)

Unknown said...

wooohoooo!!! you're famous!

Kandi said...

Congrats on your mention in the paper! So cool.
Fresh chocolate milk sounds heavenly.
I always feel pretty beat at the end of a workday too. The days I work from home are better though. I guess my longish commute wears me out!
We are venturing into the city tomorrow (and hoping it doesn't rain on us) to hit the zoo and Mellow Mushroom! I think I mentioned before that I've been wanting to go there. I'm looking forward to some delicious pizza goodness! :)

Liz said...

Can't believe you ran and biked the day after your triathlon! No wonder you're exhausted - have a rest!!

Awesome that you were in the newspaper - well done!

Ransick said...

That is so cool your we're mentioned in the paper! The longest I've ever been off work is 3 weeks and I was in a nice routine already to where I didn't want to go to work. I can only imagine how hard it would be after an entire summer.

I plan to do a long run and ride this weekend,

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

That's great about being in the paper!!! You live in such a gorgeous place! I'll be running here in Houston at the park in a few minutes - just waiting for daylight.