Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer, Ahhhhhh

I know I have said summer is my second least favorite season but right now I am loving it.  Even with a little bit of work (vomit) and cleaning (more vomit) I am fitting a lot of working out in!  I am running in the mornings, so far this week minimal mileage but tomorrow is going to be my longer day. I am racing on Monday for the Fourth of July (I bet I am not the only blogger doing that) so I am working around being somewhat rested for that.

I biked Monday night after supper. How wonderful was that!  The temperature was perfect.  There was that peaceful end of the day feeling.  Traffic was very light.  I did my 15 mile loop that I love.  There were two small  problems. It was buggy, not the buggy getting bit type of buggy but the buggy, keep your mouth closed if you are biking buggy!  Man those bugs out there were just dying to have me eat them.  And I had not brought a water bottle (fail) to wash them down so I had to do some fast spitting out.
We looked at land across from this spot many years ago.
Even though I love biking here I am so grateful
we never bought it and found our land instead.
While beautiful this is too far from everything and
too isolated for me.

Second small problem: I have been reading more than one book recently about serial killers.  Some of the places I am riding have stretches that feel a bit isolated.  While on these parts my mind kicks into overdrive thinking about all the places a killer could be hiding.  A lot of the route goes uphill so no quick get away for AJH.
At this point in my ride I have already been
down many hills and Woot Woot more
to come!

Wednesday I rode with my work friends again.  We added one person so this week there were five. They are all gone next week so I am going to do this longer ride on my own.  One person doesn't do dirt roads and two worry about the distance. So next week I am going to do a longer route that has a lot of dirt roads.  It is flat though so won't add a lot of my endurance. I want to be able to do 50 by the end of the summer.
Many gorgeous views in many directions.....

None of us knew what these were.......but 
they were rather funny and two were
very colorful and pretty.

Today we went on the same route as last week but added four miles so a total of 24. I love that I feel great and definitely could have done more.  The temperature was great.  We had a combination of sunny and cloudy which was good.  It is just a gorgeous ride and if it was where I live I would do it every week.  It is a great combination of ups and downs with some flats. The steepest hills are short with the long ones being more gradual.  
A short stop after a steep but quick hill......
picture below from same spot.

We rode by this dairy both weeks but on our way back we noticed someone coming out with a purchase. I didn't know there was a store. They make the best chocolate milk in the world plus if I am asking everyone to vote for Emily (link below) to refuel with chocolate milk I ought to be drinking it too.

  But once inside I saw that they had the drinkable yogurt they had on the farm tour last fall.  That stuff is to die for so it was bye bye chocolate milk.  Yum.  

We ended up at the farmers market but I didn't get anything. I did go to the library to get some more books for summer reading though.  This serial killers! Happy Summer!

What are you doing this summer that is making your days just delightful?


Darlene said...

Some of us unlucky souls have to work but I do try to spend long weekends on Lake George.

Richelle said...

Gorgeous photos once again! I too am racing on the 4th! What distance are you doing? I've never drank a yogurt before... will have to try it sometime. :)

Teamarcia said...

Ahhhh summer is right. It's not my favorite either but who can complain about long days and warm temps?
We'll be in Camden Maine over the 4th holiday.

Anne said...

I don't get all summer off, but my husband does and so I take days here and there, plus at least two weeks. Running, biking, reading, camping, some festivals and lots of relaxing. I love summer! :)

Marlene said...

I'm about to enjoy a 4 day weekend so I think I might start to appreciate summer. :)

Evenings are perfect for bike riding but the bugs are getting me too!

Thanks for the book recommendations, I need some summer reads!

Kate Geisen said...

I'm feeling crappy and negative and can't think of anything positive to say right this moment about what I have to enjoy. And vomit made its appearance here today, which adds to the above feeling.

It's so cool that your rides are getting longer and you're pulling your friends in with you. Maybe when you can all ride together again the ones who worry about distance can join you for a portion of a ride and then you can ride on...or maybe they'll decide, hey, I can ride longer than I thought!

Enjoy the new books!

Jill said...

With countryside like that, I'm not sure how you don't like summer much...I'd be in total heaven. Well, unless there's humidity, I don't do humidity well. Or bugs. I think you need to wear a bandana around your mouth perhaps?

Your new books look great!!! I finally finished up "Born to Run" - LOVED IT!! And now starting on "Running on Empty". I guess I have a one-track mind, eh? :)


Char said...

Chocolate milk vs drinkable yoghurt. I think it'd be hard to pick a winner there.

Harlan Coben's a great author. I've read quite a few of his books but not that one.

Jennifer said...

Great post, really sounds like are living the summer life 100%! Those look like guinea hens to me. Have fun racing this weekend!

Johann said...

Beautiful photos! I can understand why you are enjoying the biking so much. I had choc-chip drinking yoghurt yesterday so the best of both worlds. We are in winter as you know and I'm loving it. Johannesburg winter is cold mornings but open, blue sky days with sunshine every day.

Laura said...

I so think about serial killers etc. (my fave kind of literature) when I am out doing my solo runs in the morning.
I don't get summers off so just try to make the best of the nice days...

Christi said...

Wow, I want summers off too. Please! I am glad that you are having so much fun.

Lindsay said...

If I watch law and order or CSI before bed there is a 99.99% chance I won't get up and run in the dark early morning!! I don't blame you with the serial thoughts!

Fruit Fly said...

Oh how much did this post make me smile! Why? Not just the pretty scenery and the talk of bugs (I hate those pesky little things!) ... but the serial killer thing. When I do my runs at dusk or dark I always think of how it seems serial killers lover the Pacific Northwest and try to envision where they might be hiding. Always helps me keep moving faster, that's for sure!

Fran said...

I'm glad we left the 2 extremely hot days behind us and now we have temperatures I like much more.

Do you know the books by Karen Rose? Just discovered them and they are so good BUT it's about serial killers (again). If you like Karen Slaughter, you will like these too.

And I'm not running a race on the 4th of July but I bet that doesn't surprise you :)

Cinthia said...

Ha, ha. Love what you said about reading about serial killers. Too funny. I run on isolated trails; often I pass no one the whole time and man, if I don't have my dog with me I can really freak myself out. Glad you've moved up to less harrowing reading material. (OMG, have you read "Room" yet? It is SO good. Chilling but good. I totally recommend it.)

Molly said...

I just finished Silver Girl today!

You are so funny thinking of serial killers in the woods, I keep thinking of vampires on my street when I walk the dog at night!

Black Knight said...
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Black Knight said...

Please forgive me for the late congrats on the Adirondack race and the 300th post.
Great pics as usual.

christa said...

Just getting caught up on blogs. I downloaded the Elin Hildebrand on my Nook, have not read it yet. I love that drinkable yogurt!!! I still need to visit the farm, and I love choc milk. What kind of car did you get? I love my new car