Monday, June 27, 2011

Adirondack Distance Run Race Report

Lake George - north of the race

I knew I had a race on Sunday -a  10 Miler so when our friends called us up to go out and wine and dine at first I said no. But when I ran it by my husband I could tell he wanted to go.  We don't go out with them that often and it is always fun.  It wasn't like I had a big prize purse on the line so we went.  And yes a good time was had by all and no it wasn't optimal before race carbo loading and rest.

Before I knew it it was 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning and I was getting up.  My husband was coming with me and he was up and ready by 4:30ish.  Off we went.  Not too far along I realized I had forgotten my usual toast and peanut butter. There wasn't time to go home so I was on the lookout for something similar to eat.

Our first stop was at the best bakery going where doughnuts were hot out of the oven and the coffee was hot.  They don't open until 6 but let you in if you stop by.  There were no bagels and the owner told us he was busy making 40 dozen for a local triathlon. They make great bagels so the triathletes must have been thrilled.  I bought 2 old fashioned glazed for later. Didn't think my stomach would want me to eat them before the race but knew I would totally deserve them after the race.  We made one more bathroom stop at a gas station which had a deli.  The woman happily made me an English muffin with peanut butter - problem solved.

The Garmin GPS tried to send us on a ferry that wasn't running.  After many "RECALCULATING" it settled on the route we were taking.  We arrived at the race and I got everything I needed with no difficulty.  Looking around I saw no one I knew as this race was a good distance from my house.
The Start - Garminless

Shortly before the race start my Garmin 405 once again was dead. I spent a lot of time on review boards when I got home and I have a couple more tricks to try before I plop down some money for a new Garmin.  It works fine most of the time but has failed at my last two races. Seems to be it doesn't like the drive?  I need to start bringing one of my sport watches so I have some knowledge of how I am doing.  This threw me a little for the beginning of the race as I couldn't stop thinking about my stupid Garmin.  It took me a few miles to settle in plus it was fairly crowded.  The course was a point to point with rolling hills.  Lake George was to our right the entire way.  At first I felt like 10 miles was going to be way more than I wanted to do today but I eventually settled into it one mile at a time.  It was overcast but humid.  I didn't realize how humid until I saw how sweaty, wet and disgusting I was when I was done.  I had gone about 4 miles when someone asked me if I was from Bristol.  I couldn't imagine why I was being asked that as I certainly had nothing on that said it and we were in another state.  But I said yes (which is a bit of a lie, it is where I teach, not where I live) and then I asked her how she knew that. Turns out she knows a couple of people I know and she recognized me.  She was running with a friend from the area.  I ended up switching places with these two many times. In later miles when I started to get more behind them I pushed myself to stay near them. In the end I went in ahead of them by a small amount.  They were definitely a help to me.
My husband drives beside me for a ways 

Around Mile 5 the sheriff's car went by me and not much after that my husband was alongside me. He told me later he could see me for about 20 minutes.  He also warned me that I might get to the end before him and he wouldn't be at the finish. As it was he got there about 7 minutes before me. Traffic was crawling.

I loved passing the Mile 5 mark. They had volunteers at every mile calling out the time.  I could see that I was doing somewhat better than I thought I might.  I had told my husband I would be at the finish around 1:40:00 or somewhat less.  Most of my miles were in the 9s. There was only one mile that I think was 10 flat.  I didn't feel myself flag like I do in a half.  But that makes sense as it is usually past Mile 10 that I begin to crash.  I would like to do a 10 miler sometime when I have really trained for it.  As I said before the course was rolling hills but I actually liked that  a lot. I would make up time on the downhills and not do too badly on the uphills.  I seemed to be around the same people and didn't feel I was losing ground.

It was hard to know when to pick it up for the finish as I didn't know where it was.  I had thought it was going to be hillier so I was saving a little but it was flat.  I ended up with a time of 1:34:07 with a pace of 9:25. I was delighted with this.  My pace has been off lately and this is a very reasonable pace for me with this distance.  Yeah!
Almost at the finish

Best post race food ever

We hung around for awhile but I was freezing due to the sweaty disgusting wet clothes I had on.  We walked to the car which my husband had parked at a church.  Mass was getting out as we arrived at it with me looking so lovely.

For the trip home we decided to go a new route so no shopping which was fine.  We drove North along Lake George. It is quite big and beautiful.  Eventually we came to the Lake Champlain Bridge - which is not there as it is being rebuilt.  There is a free ferry.  My husband loved taking the ferry and seeing the progress on the bridge.  He took many more pictures of the bridge than of me running!  I was thrilled to have a bathroom on the ferry as I was reaching desperate times.
Approaching the Champlain Bridge 

Two ferries go back and forth 24/7

Once home I kind of crashed due to racing, a very early morning, wining and dining the night before.....whatever!  I was also still cold and I dressed like it was late winter, not summer.
Fairly nice medal

Quite nice wicking shirt - long sleeve- not
sure why this time of year.  Some people
were wearing it - waay too hot for that!

I would definitely do another 10 mile race. I really liked the distance.I don't think there are a lot around.  There was another one the very same day.  I am finding a lot of the races I am looking at seem to be on the same day. What's up with that?  Let's spread out the goodness.  


Pahla said...

I am still laughing over the comment that your husband took more pictures of the bridge than you running! That bridge *is* pretty cool, but not as awesome as you! Congrats on a terrific 10-miler! I think it would be tricky to figure out how to pace for such an unusual distance. There's one local to me in September that I've had my eye on for three years now, maybe this will be the year!

Darlene said...

Sorry I missed you. We keep our boat at the marina which is next to the park where the race ended. I was watching the awards through the fence but you may have left already. I am definitely doing this race next year!! That's nice that your hubby came along. The race warmed up and got sunny in the afternoon.

Unknown said...

Nice job. a 10 miler is still on my to-do list.

Kate Geisen said...

That is a cool looking bridge. When we were in Florida a few years ago, we were coming back from Tampa (I think) and there not too far from us was a bridge or highway overpass or something in progress...just sticking out to nowhere like in your picture. I grabbed a camera to take a picture of it, and my mom laughed and said that my dad (who died when I was 20) was always taking pictures like that. It was a neat feeling to be reminded of a way that I'm like him. :)

Your race sounds great. Way to go on the speedy pace...and like you said, without training for a 10 mile race. You did awesome! I've only done one 10-miler, and it was several minutes slower than yours. My best pace ever was in my half marathon. Go figure. Of course, I WAS trained for that one.

Your Garmin just isn't dealing well with race-day pressure, huh? Funny...on a similar note, my bike computer has failed to work on both centuries I've done. I think it was actually a help just to get in the groove and go rather than obsess over how many miles I had left. Still, I can see how it would be a little disorienting for you when you're used to having it there to give you input. Good luck getting the kinks worked out!

Kate Geisen said...

P.S. (as if I haven't commented enough here) my fake pictures were done with the program that goes with our smartboards at school. During the school year, I make lots of interactive lessons on there. During the summer, I do lots of cut and paste pictures with it. I'm sure that's what the creators had in mind for it, right? :)

Richelle said...

Awesome race! You don't even need your Garmin!

I love doing 10-milers. I fatigue heavily after mile 10 of a half-marathon, too.

I hope you get your Garmin situation figured out. Hopefully you won't have to purchase a new one... they are so EXPENSIVE!

Anne said...

Congrats on a great race! Your pace is extremely strong, especially considering the lack of prep and of proper fuelling the night before :)

BTW, congrats also on your 300 posts!

Average Woman Runner said...

Yes, indeed, very cool bridge! I think your medal & t-shirt are not so bad either! Nice race. I've never done a 10-mile race. I don't think we have any around here? I think it would be a nice distance to race though.

Jill said...

10-mile races are great, I am so glad you enjoyed it and want to do it again. Excellent time, and so glad you had some post-race donuts to celebrate! :)

Liz said...

That is an excellent time - I'd be pleased with that pace too! Well done!

I love bridges - I must admit, it looks really cool!

Char said...

I'm with you - there's no recovery food better than cold watermelon. It ticks all the boxes.

Jennifer said...

Excellent job on the race, it's always nice to come in faster than you predict! I love bridges too and like you husband would probably have taken a butt load of photos if I was there. Sounds like the whole trip was fun!

Suzy said...

Congrats!! You are the only person I know who ran this one. It sounds like a nice, but hilly race.

Michelle said...

Yay! Way to go! Nice medal!

Agree on the watermelon - best post run food!

HappyTrails said...

Sounds like a great time. It is always weird pulling your car onto a boat - have not had to do it in years, so I guess you all get used to it. So many races, not enough days on the calendar for AJH!!! Have a great week!

Christi said...

Great job on your race!

Amy said...

Great race! Too bad about your Garmin, that is annoying.

Fran said...

What a great day and race you've had. We don't have many 10 milers here in Holland either. And that Garmin really sucks, it would totally ruin the race for me if that happened.

About Bella on the bike: she doesn't like it very much because she's a very active dog and loves to walk and run. If we don't cover the basket she jumps out of it. But it's great that we can take her with us on a bike this way.

Marlene said...

Congrats on the 10-miler with a strong pace! Sounds like a decent race and I like the swag/bling. Watermelon? Yes please!!!

Ewa said...

I think you have just earned yourself a brand new Garmin, don't you?
I prefer hilly runs to flat ones, maybe because it is not the same muscles getting overworked.
You are so nice to post your hubby's bridge photos.

Running and living said...

Love the new header. Seems like you like the bike.
Congrats on the race. You did awesome! 10 milers seem hard to pace, but you did great!

Cinthia said...

Great race, great time! And without your Garmin (!!) Sometimes I think that we all put too much emphasis on time and not enough on the joy of running/racing and just getting out there and, you know, running with our hearts.
Love the hubby's pics of the bridge, hee, hee.
Cheers and happy running,

Anonymous said...

Great time, looks like wining and dining agree with you! ;)
Sorry about the garmin, hopefully you find a cure, they're so expensive! I love the 10 miler distance, it's just perfect.


Fruit Fly said...

Nice job! And great pace - especially without your Garmin. I remember my first races where I didn't have a Garmin - looking back I have no idea how I survived. I love mine so much, I always call it my boyfriend because we are THAT tight with each other! :)

Great looking medal as well. I agree, 10 milers seem rare. I've yet to do one, but if given the opportunity I'd like to take advantage of one!


Kandi said...

Sounds like a great race! I'd take that pace over 10 miles.
I've never done a 10 miler before but it does sound like a nice distance. I've done a 15k (9.3 miles) and a half marathon before. The 15k is a decent distance too.

christa said...

I want to do it next year. I did run on SUnday in Bolton where you ended, but it was in the afternoon.