Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Spectacular Fall for Biking and Running

This week I got right back into workout mode after my cold and then half marathon.  I managed to get up early for a swim and 2 runs, one outside in the dark. I love those but I do tread slowly and carefully as the headlamp only shows so much and there are so many cracks and bumps in the roads and sidewalks I go on.

I had three good rides as we are having just a spectacular fall.  The first one was near my house so it was short and sweet.

Then I rode with my friend on the snake route  from a week and a half ago. I always like to go with Cathy but I didn't tell her I especially wanted another body along to protect me from all the reptiles. This time I saw one not fifteen so all was good. Apparently I interrupted them on Moving Day or something last time.  
It was a gorgeous day on a wonderful  route, a perfect end to a work day.

Then today I got the longest ride in I have had in awhile.  I managed to do a loop and changed it a bit at the end.  Instead of going back down the mountain I went up a bit more and came home a different way. I loved it.  I did wonder this morning if it was harder leaving the house knowing that I was doing a hardish ride - lots of hills.  I like to do this route at least once a year and I had not done it yet.  The foliage was pretty much at peak but it wasn't sunny.  I was pleasantly tired once I got home and loved the feeling.

An alpaca farm I go by I always enjoy seeing
May have been my favorite spot - I had to go to the
bathroom so badly and could not find a spot. Then 
I came to this cemetery  and managed to find a spot
to be a little discreet.  Is that awful?  It was the only place I could

Another spot I always like

Heading back to my house

Some of the prettiest colors were near home.
On the homefront - all of my cats - 3 of them - need a pill twice  a day for 5 days. Do you know how hard it is to give cats pills?  Ugh.  Ugh.   Ugh.  

Back to Rock and Roll Half - I did okay in my age group - 6 out of 34.  I was in bottom 25% overall and could not figure out women.  But overall felt good with this especially the age.  As I like to say - Age Groups Rock!

And a couple of pics from last week's run when it was sunny.  I do live in a pretty nice place.


HappyTrails said...

Glad the reptiles stayed home -oh happy day! And you do live in a most magnificently beautiful area!

Kate Geisen said...

Your fall pictures are absolutely glorious. Here the trees are just about ready to turn...we've had a lot of warm days but tonight -- just in time for tomorrow's half! -- the weather turned and tomorrow should be great running.

Poor you with giving pills to your cats. Noooo fun.

Anonymous said...

Got to admit, when I saw the first picture, I initially thought there was snow on the bridge!

Unknown said...

Beautiful fall colors. I'm envious because all of our leaves turn the same color - an orange-yellow.

Love the alpaca photos. There's a house with alpacas near me, not on my bike route, and I love seeing them when we walk the dogs.

Ransick said...

Beautiful pictures and congrats on being top 10% in your age group!

I gave up giving cats pills. It's my wife's job now. We have a cat that needs one a day for life.

Char said...

I totally approve of using a cemetery as a toilet stop. As long as you don't squat on any of the graves it's all good.

If only you lived a little closer I could give you a hand with those pesky cat pills. We were taught at uni how to give them and I've only ever had issues with one cat using their technique.

Just wondering if you're getting my post updates in your reader - you're usually such a regular commenter and I've noticed that my posts aren't updating on some of the blog rolls.

Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...

Beautiful colours and wonderful sceneries. I love those colours near your house. You really live in a special part of the world. I am so envious :) Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see those fantastic environs where you live.

Fran said...

Oh my gosh! Fall is so beautiful in your part of the world. I can totally see why you like to go outside and enjoy it. It's so beautiful!

Johann said...

Spectacular fall colors! Or colours as we say here in my world. Spring is truly here now and I'm loving it!

Kandi said...

I love all your photos! Fall is my favorite!
Are you coming to MD for Emily's JFK 50 race?

Alisa said...

WOOOOOOOOW! Those fall colors are truly spectacular.

This might be a dumb city-girl question but what are alpaca's used for?