Monday, October 21, 2013

Mohawk Towpath Byway Duathlon

Heather came back to spectate (and shop) and Darlene
came to spectate and take pictures!

Man I love to race especially when a bike is involved!  I loved today's race although I wasn't crazy about running twice.  The distance was short so doable but I like the whole swim/bike/run thing. But today was waaaay too cold so running twice was the ticket.

As usual I stressed over what to wear for the temperature.  It was a bit more complicated knowing I would sweat on the run and then be colder on the bike before sweating on the run again.  I wished I had worn my biking capris.  I ended up wearing my arm sleeves and a jacket, my tri shorts and a headband.  I was completely fine in the shorts and was glad I didn't have my capris after a very short time.  I ended up not even wearing gloves on the bike but did leave my headband on under the helmet.  I'm stylish that way.
I'm starting on the run, rather cold at this point.
I can pick myself out in this pic near the back.
Coming in through this pretty entrance.

It's almost time to bike!

The run was 2.2 miles with a very steep hill to go up but also one to come down.  I was well toward the back on the run.....but not last.  I felt fine and was eager to get on the bike.
My time was 20:26.  I was 109/123.  Ouch. I was near the back.     Mile 1 was 9:24. Mile 2 was 9:49 and the last .2 was 9:26.
I'm off, getting ready to go by those chatting women.
At this point I'm tired and wishing the race ended without a second run.

When I first started biking there were two ladies abreast chatting that I couldn't get by. Really?  In a race?  I passed them as soon as the road was straight and never saw any of them again.  I passed what seemed to me to be a lot of people biking. A few of us traded places back and forth but in the end only two of the people I passed, repassed me and stayed ahead.   I felt great about my bike ride. I kept my effort up and loved the scenery, the roads, and all the racers.  There were hills but both up and down. It is a route I would love to ride more often.  I did feel myself visibly fade a little the last two miles.  Small hills seemed big but I tried to pick it up and passed one more biker.
My time was 1:04:16..  BUT this includes the transition to get the bike and after the bike before the run.  I think my actual bike time was 1:01 something.  My pace was 15.5 for 16 miles.  I was 82/121 bikers.  This feels great to me - Only 2/3s of the way through the pack.
I'm heading out to run watching some of the bikers I passed
come in.

I feel like I'm hardly moving.

My legs felt like rubber when I started running.  Last year my second run was much slower than my first and I expected that to happen again.  Right away two of the bikers I passed, passed me on the run. I thought that was just the beginning of a long line of runners passing me. BUT it didn't happen. No other runners passed me so I kept my new position I had earned a biker.  I could see the runners who went by me and was feeling great about that. In the end my second run was barely slower than the first.
My time was 20:56.  I was 91/122,  Mile 1 was 9:44. Mile 2 was 10:02 and the last .2 was 9:27. 

Turning 60 has been rather lucrative when it comes to age group prizes.

Darlene, who came to spectate and take pictures thought I was third in my age group so I hung around. When they announced the third place finisher and it wasn't me I got nervous.  Then the second place went to another racer.  When they said my name for first place I was thrilled!  Age groups do rock and turning 60 has been great!

Overall last year I was 1:47:58.  Looking at the clock in the picture it looks like my time this year was 1:45:39.  Nice improvement!  I was 87/122 - thank goodness for the bike for moving me up some. I am sure some of you think I'm nuts to be pleased with this placement but I am.  It is much better compared to others in the race than last year, my time improved and it was much more fun with pleasant weather.
As always I do like to race.

Note: Teams are included in the stats right with the people who did both. That seems a little strange to be measured against people who only ran or biked although I am sure they could have done both and still been ahead of me.


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Congrats on the AG win!!

Char said...

That's fantastic! Not only first place but a couple of minutes faster. You're like a good wine - you get better with age.

Kate Geisen said...

If we could love running like we love biking, imagine how much our running could improve! Must've been fast runners out there that day, but look at you holding them off with your bike! Co granulation a on coming in first in your age group!! Fantastic!!

It does look like a beautiful course. Very cool of your friends to come spectate/shop/photograph!

Jill said...

What the heck is Kate talking about having no long-fest for the run! Biking sucks! ;)

Well, it's that time of year again where I'm super jealous of where you live. Our leaves are almost done here...but there's a few still lingering (the half I did yesterday was still really pretty).

Congrats on the AG win, perfect way to end the bike racing season! :)

Fran said...

Woohoo! Great race and congrats on winning in your age group. You do rock but I know that for a long time now.

Giorgio said...

Good race! Great to hear your was first in your age group. Beautiful race report!

Giorgio said...

Good race! Great to hear your was first in your age group. Beautiful race report!

christa said...

Awesome age group win!!

Teamarcia said...

Congrats A! Way to rock that AG! Love the pics.

Kandi said...

Congrats on the AG win!! Maybe they should do races where you bike twice and run once? That sounds more fun. :) Great job with keeping your run times so consistent and killing it on the bike!

Anonymous said...

Great show!

"Heather came back to spectate (and shop) and Darlene came to spectate and take pictures!" = Slackers!

Johann said...

Great race and AG win! You are tough! I hope my turning 50 the other day will also be so rewarding :)

Cinthia said...

Yippeee, another age-group win. So exciting. You are rocking the races. Love that no other runners passed you after the initial two--that is the best feeling in the world, no?
Cheers and just read on Emily's blog that you're heading out to OR. Have fun! Love it down there, has such a good vibe.
Happy running,

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great job on the win! And don't you love summer when there's no doubt what to wear. I agree that this time of year is always a challenge. And beautiful pics btw - great job again!