Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Cold

Do all of you get September colds or is it a teacher thing?  I always seem to get sick in the fall once I'm back at work around all those germs.  I'm home in bed for the second day.  It's a  HUGE pain to make sub plans so if I'm home it's pretty certain I feel lousy.  I thought I was going to go back today but when I woke up I knew that wasn't a good decision so I hurried to school to make more plans. I brought a bag full of stuff to work on home with me  if I feel somewhat better which I certainly hope to as the day goes on.  I went into school this weekend to do some catching up but that caught up feeling has vanished for sure. I haven't worked out since Saturday. Sunday was a scheduled day off but not these two.  I'm tapering a bit more than I had planned!

 I hope to be able to do something Wed. and Thurs. and maybe Friday.  Saturday I leave bright and early for my half marathon in R.I.  I will stay with my cousin who I haven't seen since I went last year.  We are not that close in age so growing up she was like an adult to me.  My mother was much younger than her sisters.  But age is not relevant to our friendship any more and I love that we have become very good friends.  We decided last year our mothers would have loved it too.

I have no big plans for the half marathon.  I am certainly hoping it is not my PW.  This has not been my year for halves and I know I have said before.......I need to think about how many I want to sign up for next year.  I'll see how appealing this is to do.  Do I really like them as much as I say I do?

I did an 8 mile run on Saturday and did use the run/walk which I'll use Sunday.  I took some foliage pics which I'll add.  The foliage was just starting but now it's really great.  Pictures that I take never do it justice.  I am looking forward to a pretty ride down to MA/RI this weekend.  Except that whole driving in traffic thing which I hate!!! Busy interstates are not my friend. Last year Providence driving was fine and I am counting on the same thing this weekend.

Is there a race or race distance you keep signing up for that you wonder if it's the best decision?
The leaves are just starting to turn.

Another shot of the moon last week - not my picture
but on the Burlington bike path.

These two pictures are not mine and not this year but they
are Vermont and they surely do look pretty!


Kandi said...

I don't always get a cold in September but I did this year! I blamed riding the metro after my half marathon 2+ weeks ago (I'm hopefully going to recap it soon) but who knows. Beautiful pictures, as always!

Kandi said...

Oh, and I hope you feel better soon!!

Darlene said...

My hubby has a cold and everyone I know have colds that I hope I do not get. Every time I have to train for a half, I wonder why I signed up. But when it's over, I can't wait to go it again. For me, I think 2 a year is adequate.

Giorgio said...

I also get sick in Fall (sometimes in October,)maybe because I don't think that Summer went to an end ... and I still continue to do the same things as I am in July (for example, wet hair after a shower). This time I'll try to learn the lesson.
Feel better soon!
Beautiful picture of the moon!

Teamarcia said...

No Sept. cold here for me yet (knock wood) but both kid have had them. I hope you're feeling better by race day.
My halves have been the same way this year. I just haven't trained the way I usually do and wow they are HARD!

christa said...

Thankfully I haven't gotten sick yet, but one of the other counselors has been out and a lot of kiddos too.

Michael said...

Your pictures are just about as pretty as the other ones. I can't wait to get to Vermont one day, I only hope we come in the Fall1 So gorgeous!

I have 3 weeks til Chicago and I'm praying I don't get sick. I just picked up a bottle of Airborne I'll start taking in about a week to get the immune system kicked up a couple notches.

Char said...

I think that colds are definitely a teacher thing. How can you miss all the viruses going around when you work in a veritable petri dish of infectious material. I work by myself and only rarely get colds or flu.

Fran said...

My hub gets a cold almost every September and lucky me: he always infects me with it. Usually I'm over it within a couple of days but this time it lasted 2 weeks. Since yesterday I feel like my old self again. Should have stayed home for a couple of days maybe when it started.

Hope you feel better by now.

Amy said...

Yikes! Hope you're feeling better by Saturday!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos. I think it's a teacher thing. I did catch something this time last year, but I was traveling and blame it on the planes/trains

Black Knight said...

I think that it is a teacher thing. My wife has the same problem. I hope you get well soon.

Liz said...

As soon as my kids went back to school they came down with a cold, and then all the Mums started getting it too! I teach in a College and a few people have been off sick this week and last week - I'm taking my vitamins!