Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fail Fail Fail Success

Fail # 1

It was freezing and I do mean freezing yesterday. I was already planning to go to the gym so no worries. But when I got there my Ipod was dying and I had no music. Running on the treadmill with no music is a fail.

Fail # 2

This morning I went to the pool to swim.  I was a little late but there was room for me BUT I had forgotten my cap and goggles. I keep an extra pair of goggles in my bag but not a cap (really, I must own 10 of them). So I used the goggles and I have short hair so no biggie.  BUT my goggles leaked and I could only do the breaststroke without going crazy.

Fail #3

I went for a bike ride once I got home today and it was sunny and not as cold as yesterday. In fact I would have said it was nice out.  But the sun was low, most of my ride was in shade and it was COLD!  The fail is I wore shorts not capris, not my warm gloves and a very light windbreaker, not my heavier one or my arm sleeves.  I could have been fine had I dressed smarter.  


In spite of some foolish mistakes, I got all the miles/yards in I planned and didn't let myself quit or do less.  

One More Success

I love the shirt I got at the Pumpkinman Triathlon.  It is the most comfortable race shirt I own and I love the little pumpkinman dude. It is a bit hard to tell but he is a true tri guy. He is riding a bike, wearing googles and holding shoes.  Plus I like that there is not a lot of ads on the back of the shirt but the race distances.  And who knows?  Maybe someone will think I did the half!!


Kate Geisen said...

Cool shirt!

Your "fails" look pretty awesome to me. You're still getting in your workouts. Way to go!

Amy said...

I'm with Kate - in the grand scheme of things, I'd call those minor miscalculations rather than fails!

Fran said...

I don't see fails here because you didn't let weather or things you forget stop you from doing what you planned. In my book that's a success.

Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

I am so impressed that you still got in your workouts in spite of all of the set backs! That pumpkinman tri guy is all sorts of awesome.

Laurie said...

Failures? Nah, minor speed bumps at best. And you didn't let them deter you from getting your workouts done.

EB said...

Fun shirt! I agree, running on the TM without music is tourture. I never make it far. Way to get in all your planned workouts inspite of some challenges!

Johann said...

The success certainly outweighs the fails, well done for pushing through it all. It is a great shirt!

Alisa said...

I would definitely not count these as a fail...as you say, you did all your yards and miles!

Now that our weather is changing I'm having to move things around but considering anything (even trainer workouts that would have been outdoor rides) as successes! Miles and time are miles and time :).

I actually think trainer rides are sometimes harder than outdoor rides! Same with treadmill running =).

Teamarcia said...

Way to push through and get all the workouts in. Mentally tough!
Fun shirt!

Char said...

My music failed today on my run too. Luckily it wasn't on a treadmill - that would have driven me even more insane than I already am. But it was only 5k into a 16k run. But I didn't have to go without music - the last few bars of the last song I'd been listening to played over and over in my head for about an hour.

Giorgio said...

Nice Shirt! Great to hear about your your workouts!

Liz said...

It's got really cold here too, although it's perfect for running. I think I'd struggle in short-sleeves on the bike, at least for the first 30 mins or so before warming up!