Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Break

Yes, a break but not the bad kind involving a limb.  Just a small break from working out. If you have been following me you know I don't miss workouts easily.  I had oral surgery on Tuesday and even though the doctor said I could work out Wednesday, last time I ended up with a very black and blue face plus I just felt it was time for a little break.

 I took all the week days off this last week. I was hoping to catch up at work a little bit but that didn't happen.  Work continues to be stressful and one of the stressors is the overwhelming load that never goes away. I am usually on top of things but this year that isn't the all.  Plus I semi dread each day due to a couple of characters in my class that make each day less than pleasant.  This is a public blog so that is enough said but I have never been as discouraged as a teacher.  Fitness keeps me sane but fitting it in seems trickier than ever.
Old ride, same picture, different season.  Lots of great views
on this ride.

This weekend was great.  I spent a fair amount of time Saturday correcting work from school but it was fine because I took it all to Starbucks and made myself comfortable and corrected away. Sitting in a coffee bar floats my boat so it helped. Plus I was fascinated by the results. We are teaching math somewhat differently since we have adopted the Common Core and I am still figuring things out.  Well, as a teacher you are always still figuring things out but perhaps this year more than normal.  I was pleased with a lot of the growth (this was a post test - same test had been given at beginning of year) but there were some worries too of kids that haven't gotten it. Reteaching to do for sure. Plus the whole time I was correcting I knew we were going out that evening with friends which turned out to be every bit as much fun as I expected.
An easy decision.  You won't catch me going down a 
road that has snake and mountain in it's name.

Earlier Saturday I had a great run at home. The temperature was perfect and I went on my typical but enjoyable 6 mile route.  Today I got stuff done in the morning and let it warm up.  Then I ran an errand in Middlebury and took my favorite bike route there.  I had time to do the whole thing which was great other than the wind. I had no idea it was so windy (it wasn't at home.)  I realized after I got home I had lost my water bottle. I heard something and looked down thinking it was something with the gears.  Now I know what it was and it was one of my triathlon water bottles that I really liked!  But the ride was awesome.
Taken today although I am sure I have the exact same shot 
from an earlier ride.

I left my bike in my car as I am hoping to go right after school tomorrow. The temps are supposed to be high although again it is supposed to be windy. I will need to go right away and then go back to school to work to fit in the ride before dark.
This is another favorite stopping spot.


Ransick said...

Taking a break when needed is definitely smart. Loved all the pics,

On the Right Track said...

Vermont is absolutely beautiful...period! WE head to Enosburg Falls every year as that is where my husbands cousing resides...and we camp alonside of his mountain...very close to jay Peak. Are you close to there at all by chance?

Ah...teaching...common so much this year and APPR...and NWEA...MAP and RIT...and the year of the acronym huh? Best of luck to you! enjoy your bikes, your runs...too cold to swim!!!

Thanks for you words and comments...we are doing well and feel very lucky!

Average Woman Runner said...

Breaks can do a body good! I always like the bike photos.

Char said...

It doesn't seem to matter what country your in - teaching has to be one of the hardest professions out there. So much is expected of teachers and you seem to get lumped with more and more responsibility every year. I take my hat off to every single one of you.

Amy said...

Sorry your job has been such a challenge this year - I'm with Char - teaching is a tough job anyway under normal circumstances!

And as for taking breaks, I believe it is definitely well deserved!

Fran said...

A break often gives me new energy for my workouts. Nothing wrong with taking one every now and then.

Liz said...

Sorry to hear that work has been so stressful recently. It's hard to switch off sometimes, but I agree that working out definitely helps.

I think a good break is probably an important part of training - one that I'm trying out this week!

Kate Geisen said...

I'm sorry you're having such a stressful year. Having gone through two in a row, I really feel for you.

Sounds like you needed a break! There's a fine line between workouts as stress relief and workouts as additional source of stress. Much better to stay on the correct side of the line!

Your ride sounds/looks beautiful, and your decision making about the turn made me laugh! Much better to avoid roads with "mountain", "hill", "bluff", etc.

Darlene said...

Break - boy do I hate that word - how about respite?

Anyway, teaching is a very demanding job...only teachers know how tiring it can be. We had beautiful weather here to.

Runner Leana said...

Sometimes taking a break is a good thing, especially when you need to heal up! Wow, you have some beautiful areas to ride around. Love the pictures!

Johann said...

The break will do you good for sure. I'm taking a break myself after I got sick on Sunday. I'm sure my body is thanking me. Beautiful photos, thanks!