Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I have been stopping by Jameson's a lot lately to let Jaxon out and feed him in the middle of the day.  Jameson told me he has been "loose" in the house because he has been so good.  So imagine my surprise when I stopped by to see this:
Look at that guilty face!

2. I feel like I am quite good at combining errands and making those errands into a combo that adds in fun things.  For instance on Monday I headed to the city to get groceries.  Before I got groceries I:
  • went to the new frozen yogurt place to give it my stamp of approval
  • visited Jaxon and took him for a walk
  • went to the pedestrian mall and found the perfect gift for a friend
  • went to the water front with a cup of coffee and a book to enjoy the fantastic weather
It was a very relaxing day!

3. I have been doing doubles all week since I am going away for  a long weekend. I plan to do nothing Saturday or Sunday except lots of walking as a tourist and maybe some kayaking.  But no running, biking or swimming.  Wednesday following my awesome OWS I headed back to the pool bright and early.  I practiced some of my new anti fogging tips for goggles and it was sweet! Why did I never ask this question before? I assumed goggles fogged inside in the pool area (like glasses) due to the humidity and it was just something you dealt with.  No idea it was so easy to fix. I don't know how efficient I was this morning but I surely could see!  Then after a hair cut I hopped on my bike and went on one of my favorite bike rides.  I extended it a bit and made into a 25 mile ride.  Last time I did this ride I was on my faster bike and hit 15.4 for speed and was oh so pleased.  Today I averaged 14 and was very pleased also. I was on my hybrid, wearing my splint and haven't been back biking that long. It was the first day I tried for some speed. I did flag in the last part of the ride for sure and I was whipped when I was done. Yeah, at 25 miles. I checked my time at 15 since that was the distance for my "first tri" and I was 1 hour and not quite 3 minutes. My hope for when I really do it is 1 hour so I was pleased with this. I know the last time I rode this "time trial" route I was just under 1 hour but today I was oh so thrilled with the bit over.  


christa said...

Nice that you can combine visiting with frozen yogurt! I'm going back today before Dragonboating.

Fran said...

How could someone punish such a sweet face. All you want to do is hug him.
Tell Jameson he has a beautiful funny dog. I love Jaxon.

Giorgio said...

It Seems a beautiful place. I love frozen yogurt! I agree with Fran: we can't punish that guilty face :)

Kandi said...

That Jaxon photo is funny. :) We still mostly crate Delilah when we aren't home. We had to when I lived in my apartment because of the cat and cat box but when I moved into my house last year, we eventually granted her freedom in the house. It was short lived though because she started getting random items off the tables and tearing them apart... including my space blanket from MCM!!
Good to know the anti-fog tricks worked. I will be trying them out at the pool this afternoon.
What a speedy bike ride!

Unknown said...

The puppy photo makes me laugh. What did puppy destroy?!? Hopefully one of his own toys and not some furniture. ;-)

Kate Geisen said...

I rode my road bike for the first time in four months last night, and boy, it wasn't pretty. That was a GREAT pace, especially considering your injury and riding your hybrid. You're going to feel like you're flying when you get back to your road bike! :)

Definitely fun errand running!

Jill said...

As always, love your summertime Vermont pics!!!

I have to lick the inside of my goggles to make them not fog. The fog spray does the same thing, but this is way cheaper :).

You are quite the productive little multitasker! I have to make lists of things I have to do while I am out otherwise I forget and I don't like to get out in traffic much. Maybe you could come here and do all my errands for me!! :)

Happy Thursday!

Christina said...

Guilty puppies are undeniably adorable.

Love it that you got in some fro-yo while doing errands. :)

Unknown said...

Ooh! That yogurt looks yummy!

Kathy said...

Ooh, naughty puppy!! But how can you stay mad? My dog does the same trick.
Mmmm .. frozen yogurt.

Alisa said...

Too funny that first pic...pretty sure I have almost the EXACT same photo of Zoey but instead of pillow stuffing there were SHOES lying next to her.