Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Monday" Brain Exchange - The Giveaway!

I haven't done one of these in awhile from Finishing is Winning but this weeks is perfect for me as I am about to do my first Give-A-Way.

Topic: Give-A-Ways- Love Em or Hate Em
Question:  What are your thoughts on give-a-ways?  Do you enter them often?  What entices you to enter or turns you off from entering?  Have you run your own give-a-ways?

I like give-a-ways a lot - especially when I win!  I have won 4 now which seems like a decent amount to me.  I enter them fairly often but I do not do all the things possible to get multiple entries. I never post on Facebook or become a fan on Facebook of whatever the product is. I will become a follower and post the giveaway on my blog.  I only enter if I want the prize.  I don't become a new follower unless I really want the prize and the blog looks interesting.  I like to answer a question as one of the entries if it is running related.  I do visit the product websites and come back and say what I would like but I don't "stay" long if the website isn't easy to use and the product enticing.  I entered one awhile back that was completely different from any others and I loved it.  There were very odd random questions to answer.  But having said that once I get around to my giveaway hopefully in a short time today I will follow what I have seen as the more traditional route.


Marlene said...

I am definitely pro giveaway! I love being introduced to new priducts, and BONUS when they are free. :)

Pahla said...

Funny, I do almost the exact same thing as you: I won't enter if I don't want to win, I won't follow a blog unless it looks like one I'd want to follow anyway and I don't always do all the things you can do to get multiple entries. I do sometimes become a fan on FB, though, but again, only if it's a product I actually like and want to use. Can't wait to see what you're giving away!

Teamarcia said...

Woot for the giveaway!

Julie said...

I second that! Seriously, I do exactly what you do and for the same reasons:)

Anne said...

I pretty much do exactly as you do...except sometimes I'll "like" on facebook, if it's something I really really like.

However, I haven't had as much luck as you with winning...the only time I officially won something, I never received my prize :) (I have a feeling sending to Canada may have been too expensive - or it just didn't make it).

...the other time, I got GU from Psyche, but she was giving them to everyone who participated...I was happy about that.

Very much looking forward to entering yours :)

Emz said...

I completely agree with your thoughts on giveaways.

But I have never "won" one. Not having a FB account seems to kill a few on my chances but . . . :)

Anonymous said...

Love giveaways!
I don't use Facebooks, so I also miss out there, but I am okay with that.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I love the photo!!!

glad you played- thanks for trying to spread the word!