Saturday, June 19, 2010

In DC! Lots of pictures!

Wednesday was a busy day.  I worked from 8-3 trying to finish all I needed to do to close my classroom as I was leaving at 3 to catch a plane to DC. I managed with not one minute to spare.  The flight was uneventful in spite of sitting on the runway for 20 minutes due to thunderstorms somewhere??  I arrived in DC to find my beautiful daughter meeting me at National Airport! We jumped on the Metro and headed to her apartment.  As soon as we got home we headed off on a run hoping for a night run but it was still a bit too light out.  Nonetheless it was a great run!  It is not everyday I run by signs directing me to The White House.

The Mall was packed!  There were so many tourists everywhere.  One thing that amazed me more than anything  was what many of these groups chose for their outfits.  It was humid and hot out and I saw dark outfits, long sleeves, corduroy, stockings, jackets, jeans, suits.  These people must have been dying. I saw one of the groups again the next day with the same multi layered outfits. It is only getting hotter folks!

We ran by the White House, many of the monuments, through the streets back to Em's apartment.  We "just" ran 5 miles but it felt much longer to me.  When I ran at home Tuesday morning at 5ish it was 38 degrees. To say I am not acclimated is putting it mildly!  After we changed we headed out to eat. I suspect between walking home from Metro, run and walking to and from dinner I put on a lot of miles on Wednesday!

Whew! I thought it was hot! Here I am glistening, Emily looks cool as a cucumber.

Thursday I took my time getting going (this is vacation) and then met Em for lunch.  I got to go to the office where she works and meet some of her coworkers.  Then we hit up Sweet Green always a good place for a great salad.  It did not disappoint.  I then headed off and did a lot of walking and visited The  American Art Museum and National Portrait Museum. I enjoyed it especially the Impressionists.  Then I walked and walked and walked and finally found the Metro and headed home.  I changed into my running clothes and headed back out to meet Emily at Independence Avenue and 14th?   Can't remember but I met her.  We then headed to Hains Point where I ran and she biked. Perfect workout for both of us. She did 5 loops plus a little to my two.  I had run here during the MCM Marathon a few years back but barely remembered it as I was pretty tired by that point. It had a ton of cyclists, not many runners.  The loop we were doing was slightly more than 3 miles.  It is a peninsula of land and you are running along the water. It was quite windy when we rounded the corner to go back but it felt good.  When we finished I headed home via Metro and Emily rode her bike.  Then out for another great meal. 

 Emily very kindly walking her bike to stay with me on the way to Hains Point.

Hains Point

Hains Point - another view

Today - Friday - I headed to the Mall to do the Runner's World rave run!  I started out by going to the Jefferson Memorial, my favorite part.  Then I visited FDR, another favorite.  I followed the water watching carefully as the signs that say - careful low hanging branches - are not kidding.  Last fall I bonked myself good!  I got over to the WWII Memorial and spent some time there before I headed to the Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Monument, Vietnam Memorial and over to the Washington Monument. Then I headed along the Mall toward the Capitol before I headed back to catch the Metro.  I was in heaven in spite of the very hot temperatures!  It was magnificent!  Then I caught the Metro, hurrying so I could get home, shower and get back to the same area to meet Emily.  Well, I was just congratulating myself on how well I was doing with the Metro when I heard next stop Chinatown.  Wait, I have never heard that and that is not on my way!  I quickly got off to find I was going in the complete wrong direction. So up to the next level, down the escalator to the platform on the other side. Oh well, a mistake that was easy to fix!  

Jefferson Memorial - I personally think it is the most beautiful one.

Washington Monument from Jefferson Memorial 

Franklin D. Roosevelt - very impressive memorial

WWII another impressive one

Korean War Memorial

The White House

From Lincoln Memorial

From the Washington Monument looking toward the Lincoln Memorial

This afternoon after another lunch at Sweet Greens with Em - I had a Capitol Tour  It was just Emily, myself and Ben, the tour guide from her office!  He was a great guide with lots of fun facts. I love stuff like this and had a great time.  Em had to go back to work so I went to The Natural History Museum for a quick tour.  Back to the Capitol to meet Emily and at this point I was fading big time.  I went to Happy Hour with Em and her coworkers and I must say a beer revived me!  I should be getting to sleep to be ready for our race tomorrow. 

At the Capitol standing in the center of the city, supposed to be good luck

The Museum of Natural History


Amy said...

Loved reading your post and seeing your pictures - and you got to do the Rave Run - how cool! And it is amazing how a change in temperature can so affect your endurance - I notice the same thing every time we go to Texas or Florida. It definitely takes several days to get used to it. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Jill said...

So cool, DC is such an amazing town. I haven't been in years so loved your photos and recaps of the trip! I love the JEfferson Memorial the most, too! Sounds like you got a lot of great running and exercise in, yahoo! I haven't run in that muckity-muck in forever, I am certain I would pass out after the first mile. Have a great rest or your trip!! Oh, and I just signed up for the Stampede 12K in July so will look forward to meeting you, finally :). I hope I don't die, that's a horribly tough course!

Monica said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS time. I bet you wore your daughter out with all your energy. :) Did you get any cool things for you to use in your classroom? I hope you know how lucky you are to be able to run in so many beautiful locations.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Have not been to DC in years. Should take my son there soon, though...

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I've never been to DC, but if I ever get there, I'd like to do that rave run, too! Fun!

Seems like it would be best to just trim the tree branches, but maybe the branches grow too fast?!

Jill said...

Great pictures. Seems like you had a great time. I haven't been to DC since 1988 and my hubby had never been so I hope to get other there soon. Beautiful place.

Char said...

What a great holiday! And exhausting. You certainly have been able to cram a lot in.

Unknown said...

Yippe, happy vacation and final days of school! It's nice to be free, isn't it?!? I loved the pictures and the sites, I have the best memories of DC but I never ran when I was there, you looked hot!
I hope you enjoy the rest of the trip!

Black Knight said...

Thanks for this post. I was there in 1999 and it was a wonderful trip. I remember the Viet-Nam memorial where I left my navy-cross.

Molly said...

That's got to be a great place to run, despite the heat. My dad lives in Baltimore, so I can't wait to bring my kids to visit him and D.C. Sounds like you're having a great time!

HappyTrails said...

Awesome pics - a run through history! Have a great time with your daughter!

Johann said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. Don't know if I'll ever get there.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your trip with us! I love the pictures...lots of beautiful sights with amazing history! I am glad that you had a nice time with Em:)

EB said...

Great pics! Looks beautiful.