Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Memorial Bridge 5K

Memorial Bridge connecting Maine to NH

I'm always up for a new race on the ocean.  This one started in Maine and quickly crosses into NH for the rest of the race.  It crosses the Memorial Bridge which was just updated two years ago.

We had a hard time finding the race, actually drove over the bridge without knowing it.  It's well marked on the NH side but not Maine where we entered it from.  We found ourselves in Portsmouth and kept driving around looking for Badgers Island. When in doubt find some people who look like runners in a parking lot and yell to them for directions.  It worked. Turned out to be near the bridge, registration, race start.....all that.

There were super clean bathrooms at registration!  That's worth a mention.
Lindt chocolate for swag - a good sign

It was raining and cold, not so great and I wasn't sure what to wear.  Not surprisingly I overdressed.  I knew after we started that I didn't need the jacket I was wearing.
Taken from the bridge before the race

First we ran across the bridge into Portsmouth, NH. This was in the harbor and it's quite nice. I love Portsmouth although I haven't spent a lot of time there.  The race went through Portsmouth which is nice. I have done other races there and went on a couple of the same streets.
I'm in the pink hat being schooled by that little kid.

When I would check my Garmin at mile markers I seemed to be doing well.  These days I seem to have trouble getting under 30.  So I was thrilled with my overall time of 28:48.  It was good enough for a 2nd in my age group and there were 11 of us so not bad.  Prizes were only given for the first though so I didn't hang around in my wet clothes as it was raining even harder and I wanted a hot shower.  I was 233/400 overall, not quite top half but good for me!

I would do this race again especially in nicer weather as it includes  a Maine weekend!

As I said it included a Maine weekend.
Saturday was rainy and sort of cold so after a hot shower it was time to do a little shopping. Kittery was packed so we only hit  a few stores and I bought very little.

By the time we got back to the hotel it had cleared up and it was time to try a bike ride in Wells. When I am riding near the ocean I am certainly in my happy place.  Here are a few photos to share.

That was followed by a never disappointing meal at Maine Diner only to wake up on Sunday to the most glorious day ever. I got one more ride in from York to Ogunquit and back.  That is a ride that feeds my soul like no other.  

Maine......the way life should be.


Kate Geisen said...

Just lovely!

My general rule of thumb is that if I'm
comfortable before a race, I'll be too hot during. Every fall/winter I have a hard time actually putting that into practice though.

Super jealous of your bike time. It's been rain, rain, rain here.

Amy said...

Way to go on the 2nd place and yay for nice bathrooms!!! And so nice you got to make such an enjoyable weekend out of it - sweet!

Liz said...

I'm racing in Portsmouth next week - Portsmouth, England of course!

Well done on your race, great finish time.

Johann said...

I agree, that is the way life should be. Well done with the 5k! Good time and 2/11 is awesome.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats on your great finish time and coming in 2nd in your age group, too! I started the rainy and cold Maine Marathon, also held in October, overdressed, too - the only race I've ever started with a trash bag on over a jacket!

Darlene said...

Congrats on a good race. Love your Maine pix. I have to get there sometime. I have to be freezing at the start to be comfortable running. Raining makes it harder to dress.

Teamarcia said...

Well done Andrea! Envious of your many trips to Maine. I need to go back.

Char said...

Travelling and racing is the best way to spend a weekend. Congratulations on second. Pity about the shopping though.

Laurie said...

Great job on taking 2nd in your AG. The views are gorgeous. I could get lost in my thoughts there. Glad you had a couple of good rides.

Giorgio said...

Congrats on your great race, and taking seconf in your age group!
Stunning views!

Ransick said...

Congrats on second in your age group! I hate being cold after a race too.

Love the pictures!

Fran said...

Great race and a great weekend. Maine is really beautiful, especially in Autumn.

Black Knight said...

On the podium and in the middle of the pack overall, congrats!
Nice pics, Maine is very beautiful.