Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pumpkinman Triathlon Race Report

My last tri of the season was a ton of fun.
On the way to the start

I will admit that I was very worried before it began.  I knew it was weedy and the pond had some scum on the top.  I found myself doing lots of deep breathing, bending over so I wouldn't throw up and humming.  Yeah, I'm that person you want to be standing next to at the start.  I was quite worried I was going to lose my cool again but once it started I was truly fine.  I did encounter weeds of course but was able to handle it. I was in the 4th of 8 waves so I had people around me the whole time which I like.  My goal was to only get passed by people in the wave right behind me and that happened.  I did pass a few and I felt like my time was great. It was 12 something compared to 15 or 16.  I did a great job of swimming in a straight line. I questioned my route because so many people were way out but I was fine.  I did the breast stroke because that seems to keep me calm these days.
Last year I did the swim in 12:23. This year 12:38 but that's close enough.  I was worried I'd be way up. I am not sure why I am faster here.  I was 402/476 in the swim. How many people would be happy with that? But I beat 74 people. In my world that is good.

The race gave a wet suit to the person in the exact middle. I thought that was a great way to give it.  Many people were joking it needed to go to the slowest swimmer.

Before the tri - checking out the pond

Walking up the hill.....

Once done I had to do the hill climb.  They give a prize for this too. No chance whatsoever!  I did it in 2:11. I think the winner did it in 47 seconds. I cannot imagine. I was very slow!  
The hill climb - awful!

When I got to the top my bike was right there. IMO I had the best bike spot in the place.  I could find it. It was on the end of the rack when you ran in. I had a fence to put stuff near if I wanted.  Yeah, I had to run through transition with my bike but on the run I was right there.  Loved it. Between the hill climb and first transition that part was about 30 seconds faster this year. I did well in transitions.

Bike racks at this race have lots of room. There are numbers for exactly where you put your bike.
Happy happy!

On my way back in.

Then it's bike time and I start out with a smile on my face!  Love it. It was a bit crowded at first and the whole time there are bikers around you.  Fast athletes were in the later waves so I had many passing me but I also passed a decent amount of bikers. (31)  It isn't an overly hilly course although you have to pay attention to pot holes.  I was slightly faster than last year - 52:43 to 52:16.  I had hoped to improve it more but oh well.  I was 277 out of 476.  So I beat almost 200 there.  My pace was 16+.  

I did well in T2.  2:05 last year. 1:32 this year.

It was hot. Really hot.  Like 88 degrees. And very very very humid.  It was hard to run to say the least.
On the run - heading out.

I did it but it wasn't pretty.  I kept thinking I needed to pick up the pace but didn't seem able to.  I was 3 seconds slower than last year overall so I wish I had found it but........  I was so happy to finish.  That was a long 3 miles.  My time went from 28:00 to 29:20.  I was 288/476 which is actually closer to my bike than usual. A lot of people had trouble on the run!  

My happiest statistic is that of all women there I was 111/233 overall which is top half. I say a big woot woot to that.
On the podium - such fun.

I was 1/3 in my age group. I wish there had been more of us but I'll take it. It was fun to be on top of the podium.  
Drinking the pumpkinman ale - love it!

My overall time was 1:40:14 compared to 1:40:11 last year.  I think that's good with the change in the weather.  I was 299/476 total.  

Hate to see these ending for the season.


HappyTrails said...

I love your bike pictures - your Happy Place!!! Congrats on a fantastic race! You are looking super fit and terrific.... add to that a glow for standing atop the podium - woo hoo!!! Looks like a beautiful setting, AGAIN! You will be having withdrawals over the winter with no fun tris to do!!! Recharge and train with an eye toward next year!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Congrats on a great race! Podium is awesome, top half of females is awesome, and your run time and placement is great! What a fantastic way to end the season.

Jill said...

Age Group Rocks, indeed! Podium finishing suits you well! Congratulations on a great achievement to end your tri season. :)

christa said...


Johann said...

Congratulations from me as well! You really look good on the podium... You are certainly in good shape. Can't believe the season is turning again... It seems spring has arrived over here.

EB said...

Great job! Congrats on the age group win. Sounds like some tough weather, but you did great! And a Pumpkinman is always a great way to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Age Group Winner = Awesome!

Kathy McGroddy-Goetz said...

Way to go Andrea! Love that you finished the tri season atop the podium, very cool! Still seems early in the year for pumpkin ale though :-)

Darlene said...

Congrats! How cool to be on top of the podium!!!

Teamarcia said...

Way to rock your last tri of the season. You are such a star!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Nice job!!! Woot!

Cinthia said...

Wow, wow, wow, love this, and big congrats. You're rocking the tri world, eh?
It's also encouraging that you breaststroke most of the way. I want to do a tri and my freestyle kind of sucks, time-wise (takes me over 40 minutes to swim a mile, and that's pushing it, lol).
Cheers and keep it up.

Fran said...

Congrats! Great result to close tri season.

Char said...

That hill after the swim must have been tough if they gave out a prize for it. Congratulations on the podium finish. Sounds like you had a great race despite the conditions.

Carrie said...

Yay! Congrats on ending the season on a high note with an AG win!

Unknown said...

Well done. What a nice way to close out your tri season!!

Hope you get to bike a lot this fall before weather gets bad; clearly that's what makes you smile the most. :-)

Amy said...

I'll say it again - woo hoo for coming in first!!! You rock! And that hill climb looks like a real b**ch...I can understand why you didn't race up it.

Giorgio said...

What a great adventure! Congrats on the age group win!
Beautiful race report.