Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sock Exchange

I participated in the Christmas Sock Exchange hosted by Three Times  A Charm Runner.  I have not participated in it before. You were to buy Christmas socks and fill them with some fun goodies.  I have to say I could not find Christmas socks that easily. Say what??? Well, not the ones I wanted. The ones I found were small as far as stuffing goes and my things were just inside the package. I included a combo of Vermont and running stuff.

I got my box and did my usual taking my time opening it because that is how I roll.  I like the anticipation and I like to have all my stuff done when I do so I can relax and enjoy it.  Today I opened the box as as far as the stuffed sock and then went for an 8 mile run with my daughter.

Yay to running with Emily.
Yay to running 8 miles. It is the farthest I have been in awhile.
Boo to the rain and the freezing ice that is now coming (not when I was running.)

Then I came home and did all kinds of stuff before I opened my package to fun and needed stuff. Lots of great stuff to take care of my weary feet!  How did she know?  There is some cinnamon hand lotion that smells divine. I thought I already had every hand lotion out there but not this one!  It is from Lisa at Confessions of an Empty Nester.  I need to spend some time on her blog as that sounds like part of my life.

Have you done any blog Christmas exchanges?  Or others?  I also participated in a Christmas card swap. I love everything about Christmas cards!  


Unknown said...

That's a clever exchange idea!

Darlene said...

As you know I did it. I bought for Lisa's sister. And thanks for the card. E

Kate Geisen said...

I've done Jill's blog gift exchange when she had it. I couldn't even get it together to send cards this year. Looks like you got some fun goodies!

Courtney said...

you got some great stuff! love reese trees!

Char said...

What a fun idea! It's always the little surprises like that that I enjoy the most about Christmas.

christa said...

You are so good to wait. I can't wait!!

Alisa said...

I did secret Santa with my rev3 team this year but I love this sock idea. Next year maybe I'll have to jump on board. I particiPated in a blogger exchange a few years back and it was so much fun to receive goodies from someone else's home state. She was from Michigan but was living in NYC so I goodies from two states! Just as I had put something from my home state (Ca) and both states I've lived MA and OR.

Unknown said...

Yea, nice idea to exchange socks in this festive season.

Get my Polka Dot Sock.