Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wineglass Marathon - From The Other Side

Yes, I watched and did not run the Wineglass Marathon as those of you who have been following my journey know. It was strange to be watching a marathon I had registered to run but it was certainly not all bad.  Here are a few of the highlights.

The Drive Over
My hubby and I don't get away together too often and what says togetherness like a 6 hour drive!  It was actually quite pleasant - a lot of nice scenery including fall foliage.  Neither of us had ever been to this part of New York.  The rivers were high and fields were flooded due to the recent rain which made for interesting gawking!

The Pre Race Dinner
I could eat what I wanted. I had no race to prepare for.  A second beer? Sure!  Burger and chips? Why not?  No worries here.

Wish I was Running
It was hard to see everyone in their pre race excitement and not be envious.  I felt like the fat girl no one wants to dance with at the party! I should have worn a marathon shirt from other marathons so people would know I too was a runner, not just a spectator mom!  The course looked like one I would enjoy running on!  I love fall and the weather was going to be great!
Emily at the start before she sheds some layers

Glad I Wasn't Running
Ready to start, happy in spite of how cold she must have been!
Yes, the weather was going to be great but man it was NOT great at the start!  It was freezing!  I did not wish I was standing there in shorts and short sleeves! It felt like being a spectator in a warm car would be just fine! Uh oh I am losing my toughness?

The Ease Ridiculousness of Being a Good Spectator
It's warming up and she is doing great!

I had the directions all the spectators had for viewing their runners. This was a point to point course. We drove Emily and her friend to the start. We decided to skip the first viewing point as it took us longer to get through town than it would Emily to reach the point by running. Our original intent was to stop at Mile 9, the second spectator point. When we got to the interstate turnoff it was backed up for a long ways. I drove past intending to go to the next spot when I realized both were accessed by the last exit I just didn't get on.  Oops.  This is when we started to get grumpy.  I got off at the next exit and drove back along the race course - to find a different stopping point.  This turned out to be totally uncrowded and perfect viewing. We saw Emily's friend come through and not too much later I saw her coming toward us.  She took off her long sleeved top, heaved it my way and continued on.  It was great seeing her and being able to cheer her on!  The people near us told us a back road to the next stop. But by the time we got parked waaaaaaaaaaaaay down the road and walked back, Emily had gone by and we missed her. So back to the interstate and down the road.  We see cars pulled over to the side and decide to join them. We are at an overpass and just then Emily goes by down below.  We yell but she doesn't hear us.  My husband runs along until he gets her attention!!! MEANWHILE...............cue ominous music.........back at the car.........a state trooper pulls up behind me with his lights on.  Out of the loudspeaker I hear............"Move your car off the side of the road and back into traffic." Okay, I'm not going to argue. The man is not giving me a ticket. I am clearly in the wrong and willing to drive down the road........but officer I don't have my husband with me!  I proceed slowly, along comes Hubby and he jumps in the car.  Then I say the words he wants to hear.  "Honey, this is all too crazy and just not working. (The next viewing point required a shuttle bus.) If we want to see Emily at the end we should just go to the finish and be ready!" So off we went. Good plan right?

Fun Viewing Moment - Very Fun Viewing Moment
"I will marry you!"

I went to one end of the bridge that had the finish line and my husband waited by the clock. I would see Emily first and call him after she went by. Then we could support her twice. Good plan again right?  
Meanwhile I got to chatting to a woman from Ottawa who was also not running because of an injury.  She told me that a man near her had told her his son had done many marathons but this was a big one for him.  Boston Qualifier? No.  Coming back from an injury?  No.  Former winner? No.  He was going to be proposing to his girlfriend on the bridge.  So when he came the father pointed him out to all of us.  We turned and watched him get down on his knees and saw him propose!  Yes, she appeared to accept! Hugs and kisses were exchanged as everyone cheered and clapped and then he finished the race!  Ohhhh!

Worst Viewing Moment - Definitely the Worst Viewing Moment
Emily eating the chocolate doughnuts I finally got to her!

Emily and her friend had goal times.  Both those times passed and I began to get nervous.  My mother genes kicked in and I worried about injury. I was watching for Em's friend, Steve as he expected to be about 10 minutes ahead of Emily. I finally saw him coming and cheered for him.  Then I waited and waited and waited.  No Emily. I checked my phone.  There was a voice mail wondering where I was as she had finished.  I found out later she had been running right next to her friend Steve and I didn't see her!  It gets worse though. The same thing happened with my husband. He saw Steve and not Emily. We are truly pathetic parents.  
In spite of our "good plans" not always working it was a 
great day and awesome to support our daughter in
her 10th marathon!


Emily said...

Cute report! You and dad were both SUCH good cheerleaders/sherpas/spectators/parents! I was ecstatic you made the trip. It meant A LOT to have you there and who cares if you missed the finish...I will have plenty more!

RobinLK said...

Wow! So much going on... proposals, hidden runners, and chocolate doughnuts! Sorry you couldn't run this one, but sounds like a fun day anyway! :-)

Char said...

It's so nice that you could be there for Emily. I get to have my Mum and Dad spectate in Melbourne and I'm really touched that they want to be there for me. Parents are great!

Darlene said...

Wow - so hectic!! You must be proud - next yeat I bet you'll be running in it.

Ewa said...

This was surely a fun read.
Oh, the things we parents do for our kids. Emily is one lucky girl.

Pahla said...

I always worry that I will miss my husband crossing the finish line! What a wonderful spectator report, you're such a good mama!

Jill said...

Awwww, that's so cool. I only hope one day one of my children (only one hopeful right now) runs a marathon and I get to be here for him. I know this race wasn't easy to watch when you were suppose to be there doing it, too...but you were such a good sport and you'll be there one day soon! What was Emily's finish time? She's such a speedy girl, congrats to Emily...and her very proud parents for being there for her!

Katie A. said...

Being a spectator is a lot of work! You guys did great! And so glad you didn't get a ticket! LOL!

Fruit Fly said...

I can't believe you saw someone propose! That is so sweet!!
You sound like such a good spectator mom!

Liz said...

You must be so proud of your daughter - she ran a great time. It's not easy to track someone through a marathon. When I ran mine, my husband planned the spectating with military precision - almost as important as my training!

Amy said...

Wow! You see how eventful a race can be even for the spectators! Great job Emily and Steve!

Molly said...

that sounds like craziness! The proposal is so cute, congrats to Emily!

Claudia said...

wow, sounds like a great race day to me with all the excitement.
You are a very good Spectator MOM! I'm sure Emily was so happy to have you there.

Marlene said...

Sectating is harder than you would think and I can't tell you how many times I have completely missed the person I was looking for.

Congrats to Em!!!

Velma said...

Great report - it is fun on the other side!

Lindsay said...

Haha I wouldve worn some former-race paraphernalia so people knew I was a runner too haha. Sounds like a busy day of spectating! It's hard work trying to find your person, especially if you have to drive and could possibly miss them! Congrats to Emily!

Alisa said...

Awwww, what a great mom! I bet my parents never think of it being weird that they aren't out there with me. =)

Spectating is tiring, I know. Hope you got to enjoy a little RnR after.

Unknown said...

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Fran said...

It's nice to read a report from the other side of a marathon for a change. Too bad you didn't see Emily finish.

Heidi said...

Apparently you are meant to be a participant, not a spectator. You get an A+ for effort though. And any parent who drives 6 hours to watch their adult child run a race deserves a huge medal of their own. Sorry you missed her so many times. :(

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

My husband has told me how hard it is to chase me through the city streets when I race - tougher than it sounds! Sorry you weren't racing, but glad you did finally find Emily!

Julie said...

You are the best mom:) I love how supportive you are and that you go to so many of her races. Wowzer, Em has ran in 10 marathons!!! Very impressive:)

racing dawn said...

Congrats to your daughter! I've only been a spectator at one marathon and I balled like a baby watching the finish line. I didn't even know any of the people - I just ran the half that day - and it's so emotional to see everyone cross the finish line, see them with their families and friends and imagine their stories, struggles, how they got there, how big of deal it was for them to finish, etc. Love it. Even though you didn't get to run, how nice to be there supporting your family!

Chris K said...

You are a great Mom! And hubby is a great Dad! Funny and cute race report. You'll be there next year.

Johann said...

Great report from the other side! Supporting someone in a point to point race is never easy. You guys did great even though you missed her at the finish. It’s wonderful to see parents and families support their runners. I’m also blessed with great supporters in my family. Well done to Emily and Steve!

Anonymous said...

haha, you are not pathetic parents, you are AWESOME parents. How fun that you went, even though you were injured and cheered her on to a super smashing time!! I'm sorry you missed her, it sounds like the spectating God's were working against you a little bit!

Congrats to her and to you, great race recap from the other side! ;)

Anne said...

How great that you were there for Emily...not so cool that you couldn't run...hopefully, you're starting to feel the healing happening in your heel. Great recap...too bad about missing her at the end...but, she did great!

Tara said...

Wow, you are a trooper watching a race that you were supposed to participate in! You are a great mom to Emily!

I loved your proposal story, that was so sweet. :)

I hope your heel is doing better. :(

MCM Mama said...

What an awesome mom you are! At least you saw her a number of times.

Sorry we didn't get to meet up when I was in VT. You'll have to let me know the next time you are donw here.