Friday, January 30, 2015


Here's a quick update of sorts.

Reading - The Theory of Opposites by Allison Winn Scott.  Not recommending it. I'll finish it but that's about it.

Reading - I always  have  a "gym book" going to and I'm loving this one.  I heard this guy speak in Alaska and he was very entertaining.  The book is just as good with fantastic pictures.  Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Jeff King.

Watching - Snow fall outside my window.  The porch light is on, it's dark, and snow is falling.  A truly beautiful sight in my opinion.

Eating - kind of Paleo, kind of whole 30.  Dinner suggestions needed. Trying to take off weight I gained this fall.

Listening to - Serial.  Loving it.  I have 4 episodes left and I'm saving this for my long run(s) as a treat!  Any recommendations for similar podcasts?

Trying - to cross country ski again.  Last weekend I went south (to Peru, VT) and met friends from my Alaska trip to cross country ski.  I had never gone to an area and paid but it was very fun. I did fine and sort of want to get new equipment to do more.  It was fun being out in the woods enjoying the winter I love.  It was so great to connect with people I met last summer and see them again.  I spent the night and went to the ski lodge for game night (be still my heart, I LOVE GAMES), and a good meal. It was a great time.

Frustrated with - my body.  My knee still hurts although it is improving.  I have made an appointment with a PT but can't get in for a bit. Oddly it feels fine when running.  Sitting is not good at all.  It stiffens up.  I also have a sore elbow which has gone on for more than two months. I know exactly how I did it and wish I could relive those ten seconds. It is certainly taking it's time to get better.  I will get my money's worth from the PT.

Indifferent - to the Super Bowl.  Sorry. I'll watch some of it with my husband but really?

Loving - going to the movies more.  Again, any recommendations?

Enjoying..... Vermont's beauty.  It's making those long runs much more enjoyable.  


Teamarcia said...

I'm with you on the Super Bowl. Don't care. I listened to the first episode of Serial on a run a couple weeks ago and now? I can't find where I downloaded it on my phone. You can imagine the ridicule I receive from my kids.

Pahla said...

I'm doing a not really paleo, not really Whole 30 thing right now, too, and here's what I randomly put together for dinner the other night. My kids both liked it, so I will call it a hit!
1 pound of shrimp (you can use less, I'm feeding four)
1 package (I think there were five) Jennie-O sweet Italian turkey sausage links
Whole bunch of pepper and some garlic
Fresh green beans (I used a lot, you can use as much as you want)
I cooked the sausages as links first, then sliced them, browned them a little more on the sliced sides, and then set them aside while I cooked the shrimp with pepper and garlic. When the shrimp were more or less done, I added the sausage back in and the green beans and a little more pepper because I love pepper. :) It was simple and fabulous and took about 15 minutes because I buy the shrimp already de-veined and without tails.
You might also want to check out Nom Nom Paleo - she's pretty funny and I've used/been inspired by several of her recipes.

Laurie said...

Your snow is so beautiful. I see why you love winter. I do, too but we very seldom get snow. I just saw the movie Black or White today. I would reccommend it. Take some tissue.

Amy said...

Glad you're enjoying Serial - I loved it! After it was finished, I moved onto listening to episodes of This American Life, and sometimes NPR's Fresh Air podcast.

Hope your knee and elbow improve soon - sounds very frustrating.

Giorgio said...

Once again, another beautiful picture of Vermont's natural wonders. Every time you are out in the woods you take pictures again: there are always new aspects to those stunning woods covered with snow. It's easy to see why you love winter. Thanks for sharing!

Sorry to hear your knee doesn't feel good yet. Take care!

Char said...

My coach is obsessed with the Superbowl and has been on my back to watch it. I don't understand the game and I have totally zero interest. And I don't get how an Australian wh's never grown up with the game becomes so obsessed.

HappyTrails said...


Christy Ashley said...

It isn't similar to Serial but I started listening to another NPR podcast called Invisibilia which is fascinating. It's about the way we think.