Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Biking, Biking and Running (Pics From Biking - Lots of Them)

I seem to like bullet posts these days so here goes.

I had a mildly good run on Saturday. I ran 8 miles. They were slow but not draining like the weekend before. It was misty so no camera, no pictures.

Sunday was sunny, sunny sunny but cool.  My road bike is in the shop so out came the hybrid. I am very grateful I have more than one bike. I can see a big difference between them but a hard ride is better than no ride at all.  What is with all the wind this year though I do have to ask. I would so love a non windy ride but all sun wasn't bad so I will hold down the complaining.

I rode 32 miles but I must admit it felt like more.  It was a gorgeous route, one that I will do again this year for sure. It goes around Lake Dunmore and it's not crowded at all yet so it was great!  I made some snack stops and picture taking stops as I was on my own and in no hurry.  I have been energized in a good way since I got home.

It's now Tuesday and I have had two busy days.  I ran before work each day. It was cold enough to need a head band, gloves and long pants.  But I got up and I did it.  Slower than death but fun.  I biked after work each day because even though it was a little cool it was glorious out. Neither ride was long. My road bike is still in the shop and man does my hybrid seem slow.  But I have ridden some of the routes I like that have more dirt road so that's been fun.  I don't feel very wordy but here are some pics!


Kate Geisen said...

Beautiful pictures! You're so good about getting out after work. 7 more days of school. I.....can....do....this!

I've literally run three times in the past month. Starting again is going to be terrible. At least one of us is running!

Amy said...

"Engergized in a good way" - if you feel like this you know you've had a great workout! Nice pics!

Giorgio said...

I've heard of head band, gloves and long pants in January and February, in the Northern Emisphere, but not in May. Fantastic environment!

EB said...

Yay for all the pictures! Vermont is looking stunning! I'm jealous that you have two bikes and I agree, miles are much harder on a hybrid! Great job on the workouts!

Teamarcia said...

Geez a headband and gloves still?
When you say hybrid I am reminded of how the Caveman gave away my mountain bike soon after I got my road bike. I was out and I came home and it was gone. I haven't totally forgiven him for that.

Jill said...

You KNOW I love your springtime in VT pictures!! WOOHOO - it's bike time for you, I know that brings out the biggest smiles! Keep at it, girl!