Sunday, December 19, 2010

From Lincoln Center

.............maybe not the Lincoln Center you were thinking of but it is  a really great one!

Today was my first Yak Trak run of the year.  It has been snowy before but not on the road.  My Yak Traks are really in sad shape but when I was Christmas shopping I got myself some new ones.  Yeah I do things like that when I am Christmas shopping.  Unfortunately the Yak Traks didn't completely do what they needed as T fell when the road sloped and you couldn't see the drop off.  When she was falling I tried to grab her and help her. I think I actually pushed her down more but she says I didn't because T is like that.

It was snowy and cold but actually today - Sunday-  was colder
as it was 10 when we started out. 

One of our goofy photos - also when I am being bossy - "Wait T 
it isn't time" - well it was but we weren't ready!

Just a pretty shot - this bridge means almost home!

Finally Got the Tree up and Trimmed so here goes for Lindsay's ornament sharing idea
A colleague gave me this runner ornament she
made me one year 

From a student- she colored on an ornament with a gold pen!  

A friend made me this sweet angel

One of Emily's pre school ornaments

A friend took a marathon pic of me and put it on a star ornament

An ornament Jameson made me

Okay  we got caught up in the Beanie Baby scene
several years ago - I particularly love 
the blue one..........

.....and the peace bear.

Our tree is always a Charlie Brown tree from
our land.  I wouldn't know what to
do with one from a Christmas tree farm!
I love ours!  It has all blue lights - ALWAYS!

As we always say - this is our best
tree yet.  

Okay there is my ornament/tree tour.  

On another anyone getting up for the lunar eclipse tomorrow night - at least those who will be able to see it?  Enjoy this week.  


Chris K said...

"Our tree comes from our land", how cool is that! Funny, don't have any Christmas trees growing on the patio of my townhoue. BTW, my next race is 06-Feb in Huntington Beach, CA.

Ewa said...

Love your tree and the ornaments.
We won't be able to enjoy the eclipse since our forecast is rain, more rain and then some more rain. :(

Pahla said...

Wow, that's quite a snowy run!!
Love the pics of your ornaments and the wonderful tree!

HappyTrails said...

Charlie Brown trees are the best. Ours is fake though, as we have allergy issues with pine in the house :-( That run looks so COLD, so it is no wonder you look forward to the "almost home" bridge!!! Have a great week - Merry Christmas!

Jill said...

A tree from your land??? Wow, that is so cool! I'd like to cut down my Cottonwood tree as it's cotton plays havoc with my allergies - but I'm guessing it wouldn't really make a good xmas tree. Nor would it fit in my house. But it's the only tree I have (I have two actually, equally pesty in their cotton spreading, which loves to stick to my screens and AC). Your tree is very pretty, and the ornaments are so personal and I am sure bring tons of happy memories when you pull them out. One year it took me an entire day to put them on the tree as the memory gates flooded.

Ok, that bridge is beautiful - stunning! But man, does it just scream cold there?? It was 58 in Denver today and we have not a even a snowflake on the ground. Looks like a brown Christmas for us this year. And I'm ok with that! :)

Have a great week, I know you're off school in a few days (I'm off now for two weeks. yay me!! :).

Char said...

So your chilly weather continues. You're so tough to get out into it.

Amy said...

Love that you have a tree from your own property! Do you replant them after Christmas?
I am thinking I should try to buy a pair of Yaktrax while in the US since our weather seems to be getting more and more like yours.

Molly said...

I saw some yak trax tracks yesterday out walking the dog, I need to get mine out! Great ornaments!

Johann said...

That's a great snow run! I love the blue lights of your tree and the ornaments...awesome!

Unknown said...

we don't get enough snow to justify yaktraks, but if we did, i'd definitely get some. it's pretty when it's snowy.

thanks for the tour of the tree

Unknown said...

I love your tree! It's a privilege to unpack all of the ornaments that our kids made years and years ago, I just treasure those first few memories. We bought a living Charlie Brown tree this year and it's my most favorite tree of all, so far!
I hope your days FLY BY this week, enjoy the kids!!

Black Knight said...

That is a lot of snow, I hate the "dreadmill" but I think that sometimes it can be useful.
I like your tree.

Darlene said...

Beautiful tree - one thing I miss about teaching is all the ornament gifts.

Liz said...

I love your running decorations! Great idea, I must personalise my tree more next year!

Christina said...

Love your running ornaments. I use a gold/silver marker and decorate my ornaments yearly too. Well, more like writing the year on the Christmas ball. My tree is mostly red and gold this year.

Lindsay said...

I love the ornaments! I love that you use a tree from your property too - too cool :)

Emz said...

loving your

The ornaments are awesome.

My tree never looks the prettiest but I love it. ;)

Marlene said...

Love the snowy run pics and love the ornaments.

We're hoping to get up and see the eclipse... you just can't turn down an opportunity like this!

LMC said...

Just looking at your snow pics makes me cold! But, it sure is pretty. I love your CB tree and the cool ornaments too! Enjoy the holidays!

I really want to be awake for the lunar eclipse, but I'm not promising anything!:)

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

beautiful area to run!

Jamie said...

love all the pictures! I totally buy gifts for myself while christmas shopping. I tend to find good deals when not even trying :) Very cool you get a tree from your land!

Fran said...

I heard about the eclipse this morning on the radio, by that time it was in Holland but I forgot to look outside.

I love your ornaments, very personal.

And Bella asks if you want to come over and play because her bosses don't like the snow as much as she does :)

Cinthia said...

Love the running ornament, and what a great gift idea for running friends.
Charlie Brown trees are the best!
Cheers and happy running (and we have warmer temps than you today, hee, hee)

Alisa said...


I'm really behind on blogs...

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Fruit Fly said...

I love your ornaments!!